Beneath the shell: A day in the life of Chef Egg #3 - Back to School

Beneath the shell: A day in the life of Chef Egg #3 - Back to School

This week ended with a real bang! I taught a full day of cooking lessons at my friend's school. My buddy Tito is an elementary school art teacher in Takoma Park Maryland. I taught lessons to his Kindergarten through fifth grade classes. The eager students learned about healthy eating, recycling and the fun of trying new foods. I am really glad I was able to use my past experience as the best substitute teacher in the world on this day, I really needed it.

The interesting part about teaching kids is, you never know what they're going to do or say. They always have a comment or story about what you're teaching and sometimes something completely off subject. You never know where the lesson will take you; I guess thrive on this chaos and uncertainty because we had a blast.

I had 2 lessons planned for the kids and both were very successful. The first lesson we did was a fruit cutting. We cut fruits like pineapples, grape fruits and kiwis which were the kid's favorite. Then we topped off our fruit salad with grapes and strawberries. The students scarfed down the fruit. Their favorite fruit was the fuzzy Australian kiwi fruit.

We started cutting the fruit, Mr. Tito had the kids arrange the fruit scraps on to a large piece of paper to form a piece of recycled artwork. Then Mr. Tito started asking the kid's questions about colors, flavors and textures and then art concepts like space, aspect and form. My favorite part of the day was when the kids got to name the artwork. As a class we named the artwork "Fruit Fruity Tiki Tiki Jungle" and "Volcano".

The second lesson I had planned was a vegetable stir fry. The kids got to watch as I cut up vegetables like onions, asparagus, sugar snap peas and purple cabbage. The big fun started when we learned about and chopped up a large celery root or "celeriac".

While we were chopping the vegetables the kids learned about how to be safe around knives and fire and really loved to learn about the "Bear Claw" cutting technique!

After we cut the food, I had some of the students come up and stir fry the vegetables. They got a big kick out of watching me sauté the ingredients in the air. I was very happy to see that most of the kids loved the colorful vegetable stir fry. One kid said he didn't like onions, I told her to take a bite and if she didn't like it, she would never have to eat another onion ever. She finally took a bite and quickly replied "I love Onions". I love teaching the younger generation about healthy eating and getting them to try new foods. A reply like that was a moment of real job satisfaction for me.

The end of the school day came and I was pooped. Teaching kids all day is one of the hardest assignments I have ever had, I gave my hat off to my buddy Mr. Tito who does this everyday. Any person that says teachers have it easy is dead wrong and should spend a day in a grade school. Mr. Tito was very appreciative that I came in and so were the teachers who came by and got to taste some of our culinary delights.

My job for you is to try a new vegetable and get a friend to try one too. You never know when you will find something you love!

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