Beginners Guide to Your First Holiday Dinner: Hospitality

Beginners Guide to Your First Holiday Dinner: Hospitality

Weather your cooking for your family, friend's, co workers; in your new house, college dorms or at your in-laws, cooking the holiday meal is a real honor and is a great way to spread your love to those you care for.

Ask yourself these questions when planning for the holidays. The more you prepare, the more fun you will have with your friends and family.

1. Your guest list? You want make sure the guest list jives with how much space you have in your home. You want your guests to be comfortable during your event.

2. Are guests bringing babies or kids? If kids are coming, make sure you have some emergency kid friendly foods (veggies, fruit and chicken tenders), a toy or two, DVD's and a room for changing clothes and napping.

3. Do I have enough plates, utensils, chairs and table space? Make sure you have a plan for feeding your guest. Make sure that you have plates and utensils for feeding everyone and that your guests can sit and move around our space comfortably.

4. Do my guests have dietary restrictions? Be prepared for guests who are allergic to certain ingredients, are vegetarian or vegan and if they follow kosher or hallal dietary laws.

5. What time should we start eating? Make sure you have enough to time to prepare food and get the house ready on the day of your event. You should also have a plan for how long you want your party to last.

6. What are we going to eat? Planning your menu will let you what food to buy, and when to buy it. Then you can plan how you are going to make all of your holiday goodies so they are hot and fresh at the dinner table.

Plan your menu 2 weeks out; get canned good and frozen food one week out and fresh vegetables and ingredients 3 days prior to your meal. Do not be one of the unlucky schmucks at the grocery store the day before the holiday, or worse the day of. That is not a pleasant experience; trust me I have worked in a grocery store for the past 5 years.

7. Are you serving Beverages and Snacks? You should have cold water, a couple of soda varieties, ice tea, juice and your choice of alcoholic beverages. I like to get a mix of cheap beer, seasonal brew, white and red wine and spiced rum for warm cider.

I also like to put out some appetizers when guests arrive. Get the party started with some dips and chips, veggies and fruit, mixed nuts and a platter with cut apple, pears and grapes with some cheese like cheddar, jack and goat cheese. You don't have to go crazy, just a couple of snacks to tide your guests over for the big show, turkey time!

8. How will guests be getting home? Make sure you have a cab company ready to roll, designated drivers or sleepover plans for guests hat have had too much to drink. There is no better way to ruin a holiday that to get in a life threatening accident or go to jail for a DWI.

Once you answer these questions, you will be able to plan and prep your meal with no worries. The next step is to plan and execute a simple and satisfying menu.

Now get crackin'! Chef Egg


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