Chef Egg Cleans Up Good - The Chef Egg Soap Bar

Chef Egg Cleans Up Good

With great pleasure I would like to announce the creation of my very own line of hand soap. The "Chef Egg Bar" was created by yours truly and my friends at Biggs and Featherbelle. They are an all natural soap company out of Hampden in Baltimore Maryland and have created over 100 types soaps, balms and lotions that are all natural and free of artificial ingredients.

I wanted to sell a product that my students could take away from my cooking events that was functional and worthwhile. I figured chotchkies like bottle openers, aprons, chef hats and oven mits were neat but not unique to my mission. I wanted something that you could use everyday in your goal of culinary independence. That's when I came up with the idea for my own soap brand.

With my background as a chef, I wanted to create a great soap for the professional chef and home cook alike. The inspiration came from a standard meat and veggie marinade of olive oil, kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper, lemon and rosemary. I really wanted something that would get stinky fish and raw meat smell off of my hands.

The team at Biggs and Featherbelle went above and beyond my expectations. With my input, the ladies created a line of soap that would wash away grease and grime while moisturizing, exfoliating and leaving your hands with a fresh feeling. They incorporated kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper with lemon grass and rosemary essential oil to create the "Chef Egg Bar". The "Chef Egg Bar" will be available at my events as well as online (coming soon). If you want a bar today you can send $6 to pay pal account, [email protected] and send your address to the same e mail.

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