Meet Marley: Chef Egg's Green Living Guru

Meet Marley, he is the dedicated green lifestyle expert in Chef Egg's kitchen. Just like Chef Egg, Marley is a fan of all that mother earths seeds can provide. He often comes to Chef Egg's herb garden to rave about nature's bounty. He motions towards the sun as he presents a perfectly green pepper so vibrant, that praise must be paid. Marley knows that Chef Egg is the one that will finally serve the green truth to the world. The truth about gardening, recycling, and about treating everyone in our ecosystem with love and respect.

Marley grew up in the mountains of Jamaica. At a young age he learned how to care for the family farm and cultivate the land to grow fresh produce for his community. He took his life experience and love for the land to University of California - Davis where he studied agriculture and environmental sciences. His goal was to study hard and share his knowledge with communities in need all around the world.

Marley met Chef Egg at the Coachella Music Festival in 2007. While enjoying awesome music and a spicy vegetable curry, they talked about their love for food, healthy lifestyle and sharing this knowledge with young people. Marley joined Chef Egg's team as the green lifestyle guru; he loves to speak to the viewers about how they can grown and enjoy fresh produce while reducing waste in their communities.

Check out Marley at his page


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