Chef Egg Cleans Up Good - The Chef Egg Soap Bar

Chef Egg Cleans Up Good

With great pleasure I would like to announce the creation of my very own line of hand soap. The "Chef Egg Bar" was created by yours truly and my friends at Biggs and Featherbelle. They are an all natural soap company out of Hampden in Baltimore Maryland and have created over 100 types soaps, balms and lotions that are all natural and free of artificial ingredients.

I wanted to sell a product that my students could take away from my cooking events that was functional and worthwhile. I figured chotchkies like bottle openers, aprons, chef hats and oven mits were neat but not unique to my mission. I wanted something that you could use everyday in your goal of culinary independence. That's when I came up with the idea for my own soap brand.

With my background as a chef, I wanted to create a great soap for the professional chef and home cook alike. The inspiration came from a standard meat and veggie marinade of olive oil, kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper, lemon and rosemary. I really wanted something that would get stinky fish and raw meat smell off of my hands.

The team at Biggs and Featherbelle went above and beyond my expectations. With my input, the ladies created a line of soap that would wash away grease and grime while moisturizing, exfoliating and leaving your hands with a fresh feeling. They incorporated kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper with lemon grass and rosemary essential oil to create the "Chef Egg Bar". The "Chef Egg Bar" will be available at my events as well as online (coming soon). If you want a bar today you can send $6 to pay pal account, [email protected] and send your address to the same e mail.

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Cutting Boards 101

Cutting Boards 101

Picking a good cutting board is different for every cook. Cutting boards come in different design, sizes, colors, shapes and materials. The key is to find one that feels right to you and is suitable for what your needs are. I like a big, plastic cutting board about 18 in x 24 in. This can be used for slicing and dicing as well as creating a huge space for all of my culinary adventures.


Good cutting boards are made from plastic, bamboo or wood. These options are easy to clean and will give you good blade control. Your board should also be strong and have good weight. Thin, wimpy cutting board are not safe to chop on because they can slip around.

Bad cutting boards are made out of materials like stone, glass and acrylic. Personally I can't believe they still sell these types of boards. If you have one I suggest you use it as a serving platter and call it a day. Not only will they dull your knives, but they are slippery and can cause your knife to slip on the blade as you cut.


You should always clean your board after every use and dry it well. This will help stop odors and bacteria from growing. You can easily wash your boards with soap and hot water. A squeeze of lemon will also keep your boards smelling fresh. When you are cutting raw or cooked meats a good scrub with diluted vinegar or bleach will do the trick at killing germs.

To avoid cross contamination, use a separate board for vegetables and fruit and another for raw and cooked meats. When you are cooking, always prep and store veggie type foods before breaking out raw meat. This will cut out any chances of cross contamination in your kitchen.


Cutting boards should be cleaned and air dried completely before storing. If you store a wet cutting board there is a a good chance that germs and bacteria will start to grow and that's just nasty!


When you are using your cutting board, make sure to place a wet rag underneath. This will keep it from slipping around while you cut.

A quality plastic or wood cutting board will give you a good surface to make your slices and dices while keeping your knives sharp and your fingers safe.

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Get Fresh and Clean w/ Sally Sanitation

Get Fresh and Clean w/ Sally Sanitation

Even though I am the Chef in my kitchen, I am certainly not the boss, for real. Meet the real captain of this ship, my friend Sally Sanitation.

There are a lot of characters that roll through my kitchen. When somebody cuts up, that's when Sally Sanitation comes to life. A kitchen sink so big and bad that it's a good idea for everyone to keep it clean. Sally always lets Egg know that she better not see any germs. Everybody in the kitchen better wash up and cross-contamination better not cross her! Sally drop the hammer hard my friends.

Sally passion for the kitchen started in her high school culinary program. After graduating college with a degree in food chemistry she went to work for as an inspector for the FDA while working on her higher education in food/nutrition public policy. With her PhD in hand, Sally is leading the way to make sure our food and water supply are clean and healthy for all to enjoy.

How did Sally meet Chef Egg? Sally was walking through her local farmers market when saw Chef Egg performing a cooking demo. She saw the excitement that Chef Egg brought to the table and had to be involved with his mission. Sally has the perfect personality to teach about the importance of cleanliness and sanitation in the kitchen. She also has the authority to keep Chef Egg's kitchen crew in line. But in her off time, she enjoys watching her "stories" and enjoying a fresh glass of mango juice from Marley's garden.

Top 5 Cleaning Tips

1. Clean the dishes after your meal. I love to cook, but I hate to do the dishes. I know it is not a great way to end an evening, but try to make it a habit to clean the dishes after your meal. Sometimes it's hard, but it's important because you do not want a sticky dirty kitchen. Bugs and rodents love dirty kitchens. When hand washing dishes use hot water to clean the yuk from the dishes. Apply soapy water to sanitize the plate and rinse with clean hot water. Let the dishes dry in drying rack. Do not run the water full tilt and try to limit the water usage. If you have a dishwasher make sure that you wash on a full load.

2. Instead using toxic chemicals to clean your kitchen, make your own. Mix together 2 cups of white vinegar, a drop of liquid dish soap, 3 cups of water in a spray bottle and shake. The vinegar will kill germs, odors and bacteria and the dish soap will break down the grease. This is a cheap and effective way to clean the surfaces in your kitchen.

3. Clear the clutter - Remove mystery odors from your kitchen by keeping your fridge and pantry clean and organized. Throw away old food and condiments. If it's in your fridge and pantry and you have not used it in 6 months to a year, chuck it. Either its gone bad or you will never use it anyway. You will be surprised at what you find.

4. Reduce the amount of dishes you have to do by reducing the amount of dishes you have on your shelves. I had a problem where me and my roommates where doing a mass amount of dishes all of the time. The solution was to pick out the dishes we use the most and pack up the rest. We went from 20 plates, 30 cups and 100 pieces of mismatched utensils to 10 plates, 15 cups and mugs and 2 complete, matching sets of forks, knives and spoons.

5. Make Cleaning fun - No, for real, it can be done. First make a list of chores, this will keep you focused. Second, enlist your roommates and loved ones. The more hands you have working the faster it will get done. Third, rock out while you clean. If I may quote Madonna, "Get into the Groove". Choose funky and groovy tunes by artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and even Lady Gaga. Also genres like old school hip hop and Motown classics and even 70's funk will really get you moving. Sing your song out loud, get your booty shaking and get your clean on!

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