Ms. Pickle

Every great artiste was once an apprentice. Chef Egg's teacher Ms. Pickle may have been his first love in the kitchen.

The instant Chef Egg has to change teaspoons to tablespoons, set the table, or keep a recipe within budget, Ms. Pickle will appear in the kitchen to teach everybody a lesson they won't forget.

General Kitchen Terms To Know

Beat or Whisk: To mix food in a bowl using a whisk at a fast pace. This will add air bubbles to the food and make it lighter and fluffier and add more volume.

Boil: To cook food in a large amount of water that has been heated to 212º F.

Broil: To quickly brown the top of your food in the oven. The high heat comes from above, and the food will burn quickly.

Braise: To sear the food over high heat then drop the heat to a low flame and add a flavorful liquid that will slowly cook the food until it is oh-so-tender and juicy. The meat will literally fall off the bone.

Caramelize: To cook your food slowly over low heat, allowing the sugars inside the food to heat up and intensify into a sweet flavor and dark color – just like sweet, gooey caramel.

Dice: To cut the food into identical cubes. You can make small, medium or large cubes. Cutting the food to a uniform size will ensure even cooking so the taste and look of the food will be on point in every bite.

Fold: To lightly mix food together with a rubber spatula, spoon or whisk so you combine ingredients but do not break down the volume of the food.

Grill: To cook food on grates using high heat. This can be done with gas, charcoal, or electric heat.

Mis en place: The French term "Mis en place" translates into "Everything in its place," and it is the most important philosophy in the kitchen. Make sure that all of your food is prepped and your oven is preheated before you start cooking. You do not want to ruin your meal because you were unprepared.

Pallet: Your combined senses of sight, smell and taste that determine how you perceive the food.

Sauté: To make the food jump out of the pan while cooking over medium-high heat.

Sear: To brown the outside of the food using high heat. Searing creates a crispy crust on the food that seals in the juices and delivers an amazing caramelized flavor.

Slice: To cut the food into identical, thin strips using long, smooth cutting motions.