Those Two Dudes

In Chef Egg's kitchen, it's clear who's cooking. But who's eating? Well, Those Two Dudes! Always on the go, Those Two Dudes talk with Chef Egg about the munchies they are totally stoked to eat and drop some serious knowledge.

They'll let you know that it takes approximately 550 peanuts to make one 12-ounce jar of peanut butter. Italian Caesar salad was really invented in Tijuana, Mexico, and Japan has square watermelons... because they stack better, obviously.

With Those Two Dudes, the facts are endless and the stomachs are bottomless.

Kitchen Tricks and Tips

Smell ya later. Remove garlic and fishy smells from your hands and cutting boards by rubbing them with fresh lemon or parsley.

Clean for less. Clean counters and surfaces on the cheap with hot water and a small amount of vinegar.

Keep meat juicy. When cooking meat, let it rest for a few minutes after cooking so the juices won't spill out when you slice into it.

Keep root veggies dry. Keep your onions and potatoes out of the fridge. Keep them in a brown paper bag or burlap sack in a cool, dry place.

Cut down on brown. Rub the outside of fruits like apples, pears, and bananas with lemon juice so they will not brown after slicing.

Ice pack hack. Make ice packs by freezing juice boxes. To make super cool gel-like cooler packs, fill freezer bags with 5 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol.

Prime PB&J Store peanut butter in the pantry for smooth spreading and jelly in the fridge for freshness.

Stain-free skin. If handling foods like berries, beets, or carrots leaves stains your hands, try rubbing with a potato to remove the stains.

Egg check! If you want to see if your eggs are fresh, place them in a pot of cold water. Good eggs sink; bad eggs float.

Keep greens crispy. Wash and dry lettuce well before you store it in the fridge. Put dressing on your salad right before you eat it. When you dress your salad too early, it will get soggy and gross.

Beat the burn. After working with hot chili peppers, rub a drop of olive oil on your hands for one minute then wash your hands well with soap and water before touching anything else, especially your face and mouth, or you will burn baby burn!

Table Setting 101. When setting the table remember: knife and spoon on the right side; plate in the middle; forks, largest to smallest, on the left side; and your drink to the top right of the setting. The napkin should be placed on the plate when setting the table and placed in your lap while eating.